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SINCE 1908

Coll Viader Group is a century-old family business dedicated since 1908 to the exciting world of wood.

Currently, we have 2 different lines under the brands Pregola ® and ModoWood BioPasiva ®.

Pregola ® specializes in wooden equipment and constructions for outdoor use such as pergolas, porches, enclosures, fences, ...

ModoWood BioPasiva ®, is the brand of the company dedicated to architecture and construction BioPasiva. We build healthy and sustainable passive houses, turnkey.


In Pregola ® we have an experienced team specialized in the design, manufacture and construction of wooden outdoor equipment. We are also specialists in enclosures and extensions for your home or business.

Wood is our main construction material because of its exceptional physical and mechanical properties in terms of strength, versatility, energy efficiency and sustainability. Also for its warmth, high aesthetic value and durability. We are a company of maximum guarantee. We have been working with wood since 1908 under the same company.


We have an experienced technical office formed by Architects, Engineers and Officers of 1ᵃ in carpentry and construction of wooden structures, with which we can design any custom solution, and adapt to the technical, aesthetic and economic needs of all our customers.

We work with the latest technology in all our processes, making it available to our customers.


Visit our exhibitions in Girona and Barcelona. More than 2,000 m2 distributed in these two exhibitions where you can see many of our products and receive advice from our technical sales team. Request your APPOINTMENT IN ADVANCE and you will have a sales representative available for you on the day and time that best suits you. In our headquarters in Girona it is not necessary to request an appointment and you can come whenever you prefer within our business hours. In Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona), it is necessary to make an APPOINTMENT.


At Pregola® we offer the possibility of financing all your purchases and projects up to 60 months in an agile and easy way. Find out about our free financing promotions.

*prior authorization from the financial institution.

Your Passive, Sustainable and Healthy Home.

At ModoWood® we carry out 100% turnkey projects and designs, using the most avant-garde pre-industrialized architectural and construction systems, such as Wood Light Framing or CLT (Cross Laminated Timber).

In this way we offer our clients very short execution times, total cost control without deviations, a very high level of energy efficiency and a very attractive price-performance ratio.

More information coming soon on our new website ModoWood


Coll Viader Group, a committed company.

Guarantee, ecology and sustainability

Grupo Coll Viader is a company committed to our customers and the environment. We work every day to reduce and compensate our low carbon footprint.

At Coll Viader, together with the ONG TreeNation, we have created a forest where we plant trees that help reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

Wood is the only 100% renewable building material. Building with wood helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to our planet, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Using wood from sustainably managed forests helps to increase the forest mass of our planet and to achieve a more sustainable world.